Volunteering in Nepal

1. The Group Experience

2. The Culture Experience

3. The Volunteering Experience


 4. The Mountain Experience


Of course, when you are in Nepal, you must see the peaks of the Himalaya, even if you are so short of time as I was! Therefore I set up my schedule so that I had at least a few days of 'real' holiday, i.e. some trekking experience near the 7000m and 8000m giants. It wasn't enough to do a proper trek, several days, really high up, but still I had fantastic views and a great time, just as I hoped. And I know, I need to do it again some day with the proper amount of time to fully enjoy the beauty...

The gorgeous view from Nagarkot, one hour outside Bhaktapur, towards the Kathmandu valley in the
south, i.e. away from the high ranges of the Himalaya. You can do this in a one or two day trip from
Kathmandu, which is exactly what I did, using my one-day-a-week-off day at the orphanage.


The view to the north, whilst standing together with some Indian or Nepali tourists on top
of a viewing tower: First glimpses of the snow-covered high peaks. Like everywhere in the
country there were not very many western tourists around


Sundawn at Nagarkot (6 a.m., uah!): You can see several 7000m peaks and some 8000m, including
Mount Everest! A fantastic panorama, a wonderful experience, even though the Everest is still so
far away that it is not really distinguished from the other peaks on the horizon.


Hard-working again, these girls. But cute looking, as well. And having fun besides -especially
mocking the single tourist and demanding rather absurd amounts of money for a picture ;o)


There was an amazing population of very big spiders in the trees of the lower regions.
Nothing for weak nerves ;o) Then there were cicadas - unseen, but deafening loud,
giant snails, circling eagles, and many other creatures, not always easy to catch with
the camera, especially wonderfully coloured big butterflies! 


After my working time in Kathmandu was over, I went for the last few days to Pokhara, the main
trekking base at the foot of the Annapurna region. Seen along the road during lunch break on the
5 hour bus ride: Nicely painted trucks. Care drive - long life! ;o)


The very scenic setting of Pokhara, with the Fewa lake in front, Annapurna South + Annapurna I (8091m)
- Annapurna IV and -in the center- the pyramid of the Machhapuchhre (6993m) at the horizon


I only had time for a very short trek and reached as far as Pothana, a scenic little mountain village
with cuddly restaurants and guesthouses and a great mountain view (when not disturbed by the
occasional clouds)


My lunch: Momo, a Tibetan dish


A local beauty, very happy about an old compact disk I had
with me and gave to her as a present ;o)


Another local beauty, my favourite mountain: The Machhapuchhre, which means 'fishtail'.
The more you come around to the western face of it, the more you can see the forked
peak that gave it its name. I had a little bit of a hard time parting from this view. Some
day I hope to return...