Tanzania 2018
Safari & Sanzibar  29 October - 16 November 2018

In the Arusha National Park: Some Colobus monkeys in the trees View Point at the Ngurdoto Crater
On Walking Safari: The ranger and guide is heavily armed... ...in case one of the animals around decides to play with the tourists
Waterfall in a small gorge It was quite a sight + sound

Two of many lions that could be watched during two days of Serengeti safari A herd of buffalos, every one of them watching US as we pass by in our Safari truck
There are also many elephants to see L, S, XS
A little encounter The tourists watching everything from their truck's roof lookout
A Dik-Dik Little Baboon is having a ride
Our 2-people comfort tent in the Serengeti camp, complete with bathroom in the back
The camp's restaurant
Stopover at the Hippo pool
A baby Hippo looking for a nicer place to swim (clambering over the elders and causing some commotion)
We were even able to spot a Cheetah More animals in the waters
A beautiful (more or less) Warthog family A lone Hyena strolling through the grass
A lazy Leopard on a comfortable lookout place Really lazy!

Ngorongoro Crater Region
Massai herding in the wide plains around the Ngorongoro crater
Wide country
The women carry loads of grass through the hills (pictures only for money!) Picturesque
Viewing terrace at the rim of the vast Nogorongoro crater
Another view
View down the Empakaai crater, where thousands and thousands of Flamingo roam the shore A little cutie we found in a shrub alongside the road
Resting in the open on top of a lookout hill, the accompanying guide again well armed Very frequent: Zebras
The herd of safari trucks always clustering where something is going on... ...in this case: several very tired-looking young lions passing between the trucks

On the Road
Road crossing near Arusha Care Drive, Long Life!
A open-air market outside Arusha More pedetrians than cars on the road
Rooftop view from Swahili House Hotel in Stone Town, Sanzibar Another view, from the Palace museum
Light court inside of the Swahili House Watching out in old town
Stone Town's market offers it all Traditional sailing boat, a Dhow

On the Beach
Casa Del Mar: Cozy ocean resort in Jambiani Outside of the hotel the people do live a little less cozy
But the local kids are enjoying the sea just as the tourists (playing in the mudflat) The clear water shows lots of sea stars slowly crawling around