Guatemala 2013
Part of a Mexico - Guatemala - Belize - Honduras trip  03. November - 01. December 2013

-> Antigua / Lago Atitlan
Crossing the border at La Mesilla (coming from Palenque and Comitan): Goodbye to Mexico... ...welcome to Guatemala!

To travel on try to find a quick bus to the correct destination
-it's most fun when you hardly speak Spanish and are the only tourist around!
First stop: Chichicastenango, a colourful province capital,
with sometimes awfully smoky air, and a famous busy market

All kinds of nicely woven blankets A market hall mainly for fruits and vegetable
Antigua Guatemala: Most scenic city surrounded by several volcanoes, here Volcano Fuego
One of many preserved ruins in Antigua, remains of its past as Guatemala's capital
before the destruction by earthquakes
on the road - the road: the Panamericana, going from the USA down to South America
(but by far not everywhere as broad and modern as here)
The beautiful Lago Atitlan near Antigua - surrounded by different, similarly impressing volcanoes Hard rainfalls during the last months took there toll: flooded buildings near the once-been lake shore
The Lago Atitlan during sunset In case of emergencies like volcano eruptions: don't panic!
The saints hopefully will guard over you
-for their good will decorate them with some nice cloth of yours
Other guards on watch
(in this case awaiting Guatemala's president arriving for the opening of a cultural center)

-> Livingston
Church in beautiful landscape on the roadside near Antigua
a Mayan decorative statue -with the nickname of  'Batman' ;o)
Traveling towards Livingston on the Gulf coast.. A little Tuc-Tuc race Then: stuck in a traffic jam, trucks and cars stalled for kilometers! Some take the waiting easy..
We try the same.. ..watching bananas turn from green to yellow 
Finally we reach the place of the traffic jam cause A terrible accident which had cost 7 lives

After 6 hours delay on the road we reach Livingston: Beautiful hotel area in a beautiful bay
At the poolside you are visited by flirtative Lizards
In the trees around the pool as well as in the harbour: lots of Pelicans, Herons and other birds the area around the town is covered with dense jungle
Indian settlements along the coast in small bays or river mouths Black and White
scenic beaches (though not entirely clean)
-> Tikal
Welcome to the Tikal National Park!
Everyone is greeted by a different animal, this one sat above my door
there were also more friendly companions in the compound
The crown of a huge Mayan sacred Ceiba tree The great Mayan site: View over one of Tikal's main places
One of the major temples (in a haze of smoke from a local ceremony) The tops of the main temples peeking through the jungle roof
More jungle animal companions: This time not a spider, but a Spider Monkey These pyramid steps are really slippery again.. arrrgh!
A Strangler Fig tree: it closes itself around another, originally bigger one
and over the years embraces it to death
(and then it will look like the tree on the
Chacchoben picture on the Mexico page)
Tikal bids us farewell with a heavy rain shower

One more Maya site: Yaxha;
there is one thing that is allowed here ;o)
beautiful view over country and river from the top of the main pyramid
(which itself was not overly exciting after having been to Tikal)
Highly revered by both Aztecs and Maya: A Jaguar (in a private park in Belize)
View of the Gulf of Mexico (from someplace on the Belize coast)
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