Namibia 2009
Prelude (02-10 October 2009) to a South Africa bicylce journey (10-25 October)

On the way: At the great 'Out of Africa' store in Johannesburg Airport View over Windhoek
Ovahimba women selling souvenirs downtown A Herero woman
The German Windhoek '10-Mann-Haus', with flowering Jacaranda tree
Halfmens tree Big lizards near the Tintenpalast

Safari in Etosha NP (03-05 October)
On the way to the park: Lunchstop with the Wilddog gang One of many Termite hills alongside the road
Our first Elephant Baby Zebra
Majestic Giraffe... ...and Hyena
Oryx antelope, Namibia's national animal Springbok herd
At night at the busy Okaukuejo waterhole One of two Rhinos we saw there
Thirsty Zebras ... plus a little bird
The Lion sleeps... ...and wakes (but only very shortly)
Another busy waterhole A Gnu caravan on its way to the waterhole, behind the Safari cars that observe the Lion
Busy Wilddog safari gang The Giraffe finally decides to drink
Springboks, Springboks, Springboks And even more Zebras. One with slightly misprinted stripes
Lookout position at Halali waterhole, waiting for... ...Elephants
Elephant Kindergarten Look at this (not when under 18!)
At the edge of the Etosha salt desert pan Meeting on the Etosha pan
Aina (and Jerry) Andreas, Julia, Ben, Christoph, Heinrich, Melissa, Ed
In the truck again A white Rhino!
Setting up camp for the night The sun goes down at Namutoni waterhole
The beautiful Fort at Namutoni Oryx having breakfast at 7:30 in the morning
Impalas Ostrich
And then... the long road back to Windhoek Last stop at the market in Okahandja
Seaside Swakopmund The jetty
German colonial monument Hohenzollern-Haus (1905)
A VW Golf manufactured 2008(!) in a car dealer's exhibition room Welwitschia plant in the desert, over 1000 years old!

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