Mexico 2013
Part of a Mexico - Guatemala - Belize - Honduras trip  03. November - 01. December 2013

Welcome to Mexico City!

Decoration on the main plaza for the Dia de los Muertos
The main cathedral, biggest Catholic church in America
Side chapel
Some kind of art exhibition mixed with reverence to the dead Interesting display of the 'Gandhi' book and record store,
starring Carlos Fuentes, Frida Kahlo, Octavio Paz and others
A colourful souvenir shop Street seller, literally


Outside of the city: A visit to Teotihuacan, magnificent site of an old Aztec settlement Climb the steep pyramid steps

The grand Sun Pyramid, viewed from the only slightly smaller Moon Pyramid

The city embedded in a landscape of green hills
Colourful streets, much less traffic than in the capital
A view of the richly decorated interior of the main cathedral Santo Domingo de Guzman The magnificent heritage tree stuccoed to the ceiling of the entrance portal
A wedding party, complete with orchestra, stepping out of the cathedral Maria's and Fernando's avatars
There are also some other churches, of course This is what a decent Mexican breakfast looks like

A visit to the Museo de las Culturas: A Jade skull,
funerary gift for some high-ranked Mayan or Mixtec
A ceramic incenser shaped like a hound-masked priest Two sides of the coin (or in this case, the head): Life and death

Now for something completely different (in the same museum)... ...chair art by the Hermanos Campanas

more art outside: a mystical/political graffito, found alongside a main road car art


and finally: another artful mural... ...decorating a bar and its surroundings
sitting outside of another church (this actually was in San Cristobal de las Casas) now donate for.... hm, think what you will ;o)

Palenque and Chichen Itza
The visit to famous Mayan city Palenque was overcast by torrential rains, which luckily stopped during the morning
Scenic setting in the midst of the jungle View from above
Finally, the sund starts to come out and the mists rise between the trees and the ruins Water rushing down as falls below the site
view of an ancient ball game court partly covered with grass in the wood
continuing the journey: visit to a cenote, a cave filled with fresh water, nice for swimming
(through the hole in the ceiling are hanging the roots of a big tree growing outside)
another enchantedly overgrown and partly restored ancient Maya site (Chacchoben, between Chetumal and Valladolid)

the probably most famous of all Maya sites: Chichen Itza (main pyramid 'El Castillo') the so-called Wall of Skulls, the meaning and use of which is still being disputed
richly ornamented buildings still stand (or have been restored) The 'Templo de los Guerreros' with its surrounding fields of  columns

close-up of the temple's stairs with the famous sacrificial figure
- unfortunately all stairs in Chichen Itza are closed for ascent since 2006

Final stop of the journey is La Isla Holbox north of the tip of Yucatan, offering scenic beaches... expensive yachts...
...cuddly green animals at the Hotel's small poolside The beauty and the beast
The lovely wet streets of the village (it had been raining hard the days before) Just take a taxi when you want to cross a street (and pass through the pools)

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