South Africa 2009 (Part 1)
Wikinger-Reisen bicycle journey 10 - 25 October 2009

Cape Town - Table Mountain
Cape Town from above: view from the cable car ground station The Table Mountain cable car line
The Wikinger Reisen group on top, guide Guido showing the way Spectatular views over Cape Town and surrounding landscape
Beautiful beach below And now: up on the bikes for the first time (weather a little chilly)

Visit to Cape of Good Hope
One of countless black lizards on the rocks at the Cape A family of baboons on the rocks at the Cape
Baboons and tourists... Elfi far away from everywhere
A strange animal on the rocks of the Cape: A Dassie (Klippschliefer) Another strange animal on the rocks of the Cape
A very strange group of tourists on the rocks of the Cape (from Taiwan) more strange tourists on the rocks...
Wooden walkway along the rocks of the Cape At Boulders Beach: A colony of African Penguins
Cape Town - Downtown and Waterfront
View from the hotel window over Green Market Square and on the Table Mountain
The city, the Mountain, the Table Cloth
Monika and Sandra checking out the best shot Old Dutch Cathedral with tower and the building winding around it
The Purple Turtle near Long Street Fantastic house front decoration
Fantastic native African souvenirs The Wikingers at the Waterfront
At the Waterfront Always top priority whilst sightseeing: coffee and cake!
Supervised here by a South African rasta doll
Out of the city
Start of the next bicycle tour from Stellenbosch A valley of burnt trees near the West Coast National Park
Violet and Black One of many, many, many wine degustations (here at Lanzerac)
Riding through flowering fields Meeting the turtle in the dunes
A weaver bird and its nest A weaver bird and the sugar pack from our coffee table
Red Again very important: Having a lemon meringue and cheese cake break!
Riding on the highway, going to the show Jena Double: Sigrid and Cool Elfi
Another wine estate: bottle packaging in progress with many workers Layers of stored wine bottles cool underneath the ground
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